Reebok NFL Jerseys

Reebok was the sole distributor of NFL jerseys from 2002-2012 and had a much different cut than the current batch of team wear. While it’s still possible to find authentic Reebok jerseys in select shops (and if you’re good at spotting real vs. fake, eBay) the selection is scarce these days. Still, even years after handing over the official contract, there are some fans that prefer Reebok over the current Nike football jerseys, which is why we’re here. Let’s compare the styles.

Reebok NFL Jersey Options

Just like Nike, Reebok jerseys came in three different options. Entry level, mid-level and on-field style replica. Here’s a quick breakdown on each one.

Reebok Replica Jersey: The entry level. These are equivalent to the current “game” jerseys, and, like those jerseys they had screen-printed numbers. However, these were a much thinner mesh style jersey all over the body (except for the shoulders) and aren’t nearly as nice as the current game jerseys (unless you preferred the fit).

Reebok Premier Jersey A.K.A. NFL Equipment or EQT: I still have a replica jersey, as well as one of the premier jerseys. I much prefer the premier and still wear it regularly (9 years later). They have the thicker mesh body material and stitched names and numbers. They do, however, have screen printed sleeves.

A lot of people prefer these over the Nike limited (premier’s equivalent). They were longer in the body and sleeves, and they offered extended sizes for taller fans. They are a little more dated looking than the current NFL jerseys. Again, this comes down to preference.

Reebok Authentic NFL Jerseys: These are on par with the current “elite” jerseys, meant to replicate what the players actually wore on-field. They had tapered sleeves with spandex cuffs, just like player jerseys, and were bigger in the shoulders to accommodate football pads. Authentic jerseys were pricey, so if you were just wearing it to watch the game (and not stretching out with pads) they were more for the die-hard fan who wanted their jersey to be as close to the real thing as they could get.

Finding Reebok Football Jerseys Online

Besides finding them in thrift shops, or mom and pop stores with old stock, you can still get Reebok football jerseys online but they’re harder to find if you want the real thing. If you want to check out eBay, but you see a price that’s too good to be true, it probably is. Knock-offs are big business, and some people don’t care about wearing fakes, but it’s a real gamble when it comes to quality and sizing (sometimes the proportions are way off and look ridiculous). Alternatively, if it’s an old hall of famer you’re after, you can always check out our info on Mitchell & Ness jerseys. They’re also licensed by the NFL and are good for vintage jerseys beyond the Reebok era. Otherwise, if your player is more recent, check out the link below to browse real Reebok NFL jerseys, you might find a rare gem.

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