Pro Line NFL Jerseys

The NFL Pro Line brand is a style of jersey exclusive to the NFL shop and comes into play for a couple of reasons. For one, Reebok jerseys are no longer being made. While you are able to find some on sites like Fanatics or eBay, the selection is much smaller if you aren’t interested in fakes, and only want authentic NFL team apparel. With Pro Line Jerseys, you get the option of representing throwback team styles and legendary players, without worrying about questionable quality.

The second reason you might want to shop for Pro Line jerseys is player variety. While it’s possible to get official replicas for star players in the more exciting positions, it’s tougher to get the gear to represent the rookies, lesser known players and unsung heroes like lineman or kickers. This is what’s great about Pro Line. You’re able to get a much wider range of players that would only be possible by getting a custom NFL jersey otherwise, which is a bit higher in its price range.

Pro Line Jersey Quality

Pro Line NFL jerseys are 100% polyester, engineered and constructed to replicate the game-day Pro-Cut jersey. Unlike the Nike officials, they don’t come with branding (swoosh on the shoulders) and instead of the rubberized NFL logo, the branding on the neck is stitched. They also have an official NFL patch on the bottom left-side of the jersey. While the branding is different, these are still licensed by the NFL. If you’re not so worried about having an exact match to what the players wear and just want to represent your football team, these might be a good option for you as they’re still quality made.

Pro Line NFL Jersey Sizes

Pro Line also has “extending sizing” which is something the officials don’t have. Prior to 2012, when Reebok made jerseys, they did, but now it’s not an option.  While Nike jerseys have the standard XL and XXL, Pro Line has the “T” designation on select sizes to indicate a big and tall jersey. They’re also a bit longer in the sleeves, which helps out those of us with longer arms. This, of course, all comes down to preference, but worth checking out if you’re a fan of the older fit football jerseys.

Pro Line provides comfortable, breathable gear and will make a good alternative to the official jerseys for those that want more options.

Pro Line NFL jerseys are available in these sizes: men, women, and youth.

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