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Nike is currently the official designer of NFL jerseys. While other brands have licensing rights for throwbacks and replicas, Nike is what we actually see the players wearing on-field. They come with three different buying options, which we compare below, the’re the best choice for current players and team design.

Nike took over the NFL uniform contract from Reebok in 2012 and made quite a few updates and changes. They started with a more modern look, as well as made some improvements for durability and movement in their materials compared to the previous jerseys. One noticeable difference in design was the collars.

At first, many thought they were an eyesore visually because of the two-tone color scheme (some people compared them to open-collar dress shirts). But, once they ditched the colors, we saw why they implemented the new collars in the first place, durability. The “flywire” material stops the jerseys from stretching around the neck. You’d have to have a pretty big head to do that by just wearing the jersey, but if you wear it a lot, it can get a little worn out. This helps to prevent that.

Nike jerseys are 20% lighter than Reeboks and have better mesh on the sides. Which option you choose depends on your personal preferences. Let’s take a look.

Game Jersey

Limited Jersey

Elite Jersey

The difference between Game, Limited, and Elite

Nike NFL Game Jerseys

Screen-Printed Number

Nike NFL game jerseys are the basic entry level of the lineup. But, just because they’re the lower-cost jersey, it doesn’t mean they’re not worth looking at to add to your collection. While the limited and elite jerseys differ on materials, the game jerseys differ from the other two based on how the numbers are applied.

While the nameplate is stitched, the player names and numbers are actually screen-printed. They also don’t have the flywire collars. These are the obvious differences between a fan jersey and an official jersey worn by players. The rest of the Nike lineup tries to replicate the officials as much as possible, but at a moderately higher cost for the limited, and a much higher cost for the elite.

If you’re not concerned with being so close to the real deal and just want to rep your team without digging too deep in your wallet, the game jerseys are great. They’re also a good alternative if you want to save your higher level jerseys for special events (like going to the stadium or get-togethers) while keeping the game version for lounging around the house, barbecuing, or throwing the ball around in the backyard without worrying about messing up your gear.

Nike Limited NFL Jerseys

Stitched Numbers

The Nike limited NFL jerseys are the mid-level entry from the brand. They’re a step up from game jerseys because they have stitched numbers vs. screenprint, and they’re basically the same as the elite jerseys in terms of everything else but the materials. The limited jerseys are 100% polyester and feel nice and lightweight for comfort, but also durable for peace of mind. These are a very popular option because they really step up the look without going too high on the price.

All Nike jerseys come with the no-tag label on the back of the neck. Much more comfortable than having tags digging into you if you’re only wearing a tank top underneath. They also feature a rubberized NFL logo on the front for authenticity.

Nike Elite NFL Jerseys

Elite jerseys are the top-level Nike football jersey. They’re as close to the official jersey worn on-field by players as you’re going to get without buying one from NFL auctions. The only glaring difference is the sleeves. Most jerseys worn in games have the elastic-type sleeves to prevent other players from gripping on to them, while these are more in line with what the quarterbacks wear. This obviously suits us “armchair quarterbacks” better for our everyday jersey-wearing lives.

There are a few differences between the mid-tier “limited” jersey and the elite. While both levels of jersey have the flywire collars and stitched numbers, the elite jersey steps it up a notch with the materials. Specs-wise, the body is made up of 91% nylon, 9% spandex, while the mesh is 88% nylon, 12% spandex.

What good is that info?

The Nike limited and game jerseys only use one material throughout, while the elite uses different materials for what they call “zoned” stretch fabric. This is for better fit and movement. These same materials on the elite NFL jerseys are also water-repellent which is a bonus for outdoor stadiums and bad weather.

There is another minor difference, insignificant to the overall jersey but it’s worth mentioning when looking at sizes. The game and limited jersey have the standard small, medium, large sizing table, while the elites have a numbered size standard. Make sure you compare before ordering if you’re buying NFL jerseys online.

Flywire Collar

Water Repellent Material

No-Tag Label

Nike NFL Jerseys Compared To Reebok

As we mentioned earlier, Nike updated to a more modern look in comparison to the Reebok NFL jerseys, and that changed the fit. It has also caused confusion for fans looking to update their jerseys after wearing the old officials for so long. Reeboks seemed a bit longer, while also having the extended length option. Nike doesn’t have “extended” sizes for length. We have a sizing chart below, but first, let’s match the current three jerseys with the old ones.

Nike Game Jersey: Reebok Replica jersey.

Nike Limited Jersey: Reebok Premier jersey.

Nike Elite Jersey: Reebok Authentic jersey.

Nike NFL Jersey Size Chart

Nike NFL jerseys are designed to fit differently than Reebok. In the men’s option, they’re made “true to form” while in the women’s and kids option, they describe it as an “athletic fit.” This is why you should take a look at the sizing charts before you buy. For an idea of the difference, the old XXLs were longer, while still fitting somewhat snug on the top for those with broader shoulders. The newer jerseys seem to sit at the waist regardless, while going a bit wider when you size up.

When looking at the size chart, realize that these are made to fit closely. If you want a looser fit, go one size up (most fans do) and it should give you enough room without being too long or baggy. if you want to layer up underneath with a hoodie or sweatshirt, consider going  two sizes up.

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Men’s Jerseys

Women’s Jerseys

Youth Jerseys

Nike NFL jerseys are available in all sizes: men, women, youth, infant and toddler.

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