Custom NFL Jerseys

There are a couple of reasons to go with custom NFL jerseys. While some fans feel it’s either silly or just a waste of money, there are some major pros when it comes to owning one, and none of them have to do with vanity. They might even be the smarter buy when it comes down to it.

Football is a tough sport, and teams are going younger and faster as the game changes. It doesn’t matter how tough you are, freak injuries can be career enders with just one wrong hit. Football is also big business, and there is lots of wheeling and dealing going on behind closed doors, none of which we have access to. One day you’re watching your favorite running back rushing his way to the number one spot, next, you’re watching him board a plane to a division rival (*ahem*). It happens.

Maybe you’re the type that got too excited for a complete bust. The point is this, with the “here today, gone tomorrow” pace of the NFL and how interchangeable players are, you might not want to spend a bundle every year to keep up with your team’s current roster. This is where customized jerseys come into play. You can basically get whatever you want on the back and represent your team for years to come, without worrying about who’s playing where. It’s not so silly after all.

Nike Customized NFL Jerseys

The current official NFL jerseys are made by Nike. For more details on the brand itself, you can check out our breakdown on Nike jerseys here. But if you’re already up to speed, we’re going to talk about the basics of custom football jerseys, and what you can (and can’t do) when you order.

Nike Customized NFL Jersey Restrictions

Some of these rules are a bit annoying, but some of them are standard. For instance, no profanity. As funny as it might be to sit around with your buddies, thinking of dirty one-liners to troll teams with at the games, the NFL does closely guard their “moral image” so this one is a given.

Speaking of one-liners, you’d better keep them short because there’s a ten character limit on these. That one might be a bit tougher for those who have legitimately long last names. Perhaps use your first, or go with a nickname. Now, these next two are a bit of a head scratcher.

Player names must match the current team rosters and the team for which they currently play:

Okay, in that case, why not just get the player’s official jersey? If their jersey isn’t offered, it would probably best to get a Pro Line jersey anyway. It wouldn’t be Nike, but it also wouldn’t have the same price tag. This all comes down to personal preference, though, since some people only want Nike jerseys.

Player names cannot be printed on the team’s jersey from which they retired:

Doesn’t this contradict the first one? Current players can only be printed on the team’s they played for, but former players can’t be printed on the team they last played for. Seems a bit weird. Maybe it’s to protect the sales of the retired players official jersey, and to be honest, why would anyone get a custom made jersey of one that already exists anyway?

You most likely won’t be getting a custom made version of a jersey that already exists anyway…

So, if you’re okay with the other restrictions, this could be good for those looking to extend the life of their team support purchase, without having to shell out the next time there’s a roster shift. You can check out custom NFL jerseys online below.

Custom jerseys are available in all sizes: men, women, youth, infant and toddler.

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