About This Website

I started this website with a friend after talking about how hard it was to find answers on jerseys sizes after the switch from Reebok to Nike. We’re both big football fans and like our jerseys and collectibles. Even though I live in a large city, we’re primarily a basketball and hockey town, so it’s difficult getting NFL Jerseys during the offseason (especially when your home basketball team is in the playoffs). That rules out hitting up a sports store and trying stuff on until we’re already into football season. I’m year-round when it comes to the NFL so I just can’t abide by those schedules.

I took to the internet, checking out Youtube videos, forums, and social media but I felt like I was running in circles. Why was it that hard to get a solid answer on a jersey? Why is the Nike fit so much different than the Reebok? This is not my first website, I’ve built others for different interests, but I realized that there were a lot of people out there like me frustrated with some of the info out there about football jerseys, so here we are.

As this site grows I hope to go from just the basic info about current fits to talking about classic jerseys for collectors. This is a hobby of mine so I’ll have to work at it when I’m free, but like I said, I’m year-round when it comes to football so hopefully I can turn this site into a good knowledge base sooner than later. If you have any questions, feel free to hit up the contact page.

*NFLJerseys.info does not represent the NFL in any way, shape or form. Our opinions are strictly our own. We’re just fans who like football jerseys.